is a job portal website, where you can check all latest job offers available in tamilnadu government job sector and tamilnadu private job sector. We do share latest job vacancies as a post in details. We update and share new jobs at every working days to keep up with all new jobs from tamilnadu area.

Why and why did we start it?

Our main goal is to share all job offers to job hunters and the people who need a job to run their family and life. Everyone need a job to lead a beautiful and healthy life. A job for everyone is very essential needed to survive in this world to fulfill their daily needs. Job is a job, it comes in all forms, that’s why we share all kind of jobs in different sectors. Tamilnadu government share lot of job offers everyday, so we like to stick with single district for now. This might helps lakhs and lakhs of job seekers to find their desired job in their own language.

Out there, you can find hundreds of job website, which might be spammy and the job content they share are not valuable. So, we bring a brand new job portal site to share all new vacancies in simple derived meaning. Our every job post contains full information about the job, total vacancies, data of expire, whats the salary, and how to apply for the job. Each and every piece of information will be listed to public view.

How can be free, what is in for us?

We operate with limited number of staffs to share the jobs in all the working days. We run the site for free public, so they can get the information for free without paying for any help we do for them. What it takes for us to share the jobs and how we get paid for it? We share the job offers for free, we collect the data from official government websites. Which will be in a very raw format and sometime it might be clumpy hard to understand the details. We split the data in a easy understandable format and then share the job related information through our job posts.

We do make the earning through online advertisement we place in our site, we use google adsense to take the revenue for the part of job we do for public. We do not get that much of earning, but sometime it will helps us to cover for the server payment and hosting fees. We try our best to